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"In Reality" is honored to be one of 10 projects selected for the 2016 IFP Screen Forward Labs, a year long lab program guiding us forward as we navigate post-production, distribution, and marketing. 


"In Reality" is a digital series in post-production that tells the story of Ann, an average brunette with a wild imagination, who takes you on a journey through her mind as she investigates an experience of unrequited love. The series is an autobiographical exploration into how our fantasies, when left unattended, can obstruct and distort our perception of reality, especially when it comes to love. The story will be told in six 8-12 minute chapters, through a docu-style interview and visually brought to life with fictionalized comedic and dramatic recreations. Some recreations are grounded in realism, while others are hyper-exaggerated and dream-like, and the oscillation between the two reflects the duality between reality and fantasy that the main character struggles with.


Ann Lupo - director, writer, producer, editor

Ann is a filmmaker who enjoys creating work she is proud of with people that she loves. She grew up writing and directing absurdist-comedy short films with her family in Canada and continues this tradition of working collaboratively like a tribe in her filmmaking today. In 2013, she co-directed and co-produced the feature length documentary Documented about Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, which premiered on CNN Films in 2014 and is available on iTunes and Netflix. She is an accomplished editor whose credits include the Vimeo Staff-Picked “Bucket Board” video, U2's "Ordinary Love" music video and eight installments of the 2015/2016 Ford F-150 national campaign. She received her BFA from NYU Film School, and for whatever reason she always wears a leopard print scrunchy.


ESteban Pedraza: Co-director, co-writer, producer, Editor 

Esteban Pedraza directed his first short film, People I Know, which won an award in the U.K., presented to him by Tony Blair in 2010. He pursued a degree in Film through Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and graduated in 2013 after directing a TV pilot, “The Saggy Saddle,” under mentors Gary Shimokawa and Rudd Simmons. His second short film, “The Role of the Husband,” marked his first collaboration with creative and business partner, Aaron Pryka. In the following year, their company, Movie Time Picture Company, acquired a few large clients, which has led to on-going projects directing in-house content. The two premiered a short documentary series in 2014 called "The Songwriter,” in Esteban’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. The series can now be seen at Their latest short film, Deafblind Couple, was an official competition selection at the 2016 Woods Hole, Cucalorus, and Tallgrass International Film Festival. 



Aaron is a native Michigander who moved to New York to attend Film School at NYU. Since then, he has written and produced a handful of short films and documentaries that mean a lot to him. In 2013, he founded the Movie Time Picture Company with partner Esteban Pedraza. Their latest short collaboration, Deafblind Couple, was an official competition selection at the 2016 Woods Hole, Cucalorus, and Tallgrass International Film Festival.  He loves doughnuts, that moment you come up with something really good, and you—in a universal and humanist sort of way.


Holly Meehl: producer

Holly began her career in publicity at Sony Pictures Classics in 2011 and then transitioned to film development to work for feature director Tanya Wexler (Hysteria). Holly then worked at SALTY Features and is a co-producer on the documentary feature (Dis)Honesty - The Truth About Lies, directed by Yael Melamede, which premiered at Hot Docs and Full Frame Film Festival in 2015. In the same year, she produced a web series called “Young Like Us” which won an audience award at the FirstGlance Film Festival in Philadelphia. She recently launched her own production company, Lunamax Films, and is currently producing a documentary feature titled For The Birds.


nadine martinez: Cinematographer, producer

Nadine Martinez is a cinematographer, producer, and creative partner at Lumanova Pictures Inc. After graduating from NYU in 2009 she joined the International Cinematographer’s Guild in 2010 and gained a variety of knowledge and production experience by working as a camera assistant on independent films, commercials and major network TV Shows like “Louie,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “Project Runway,” and “The Black List.” Her anthropological interests brought her to shooting documentaries like One Wall: Kings of Coney Island, available on iTunes, and Straight/Curve, a documentary about plus-size models. But her calling to tell stories is best shown through her short films and web series like “Ted & Gracie” directed by Jena Friedman, former producer of "The Daily Show," and the award-winning film "A Good Lie." When she’s not on a film set, you can find her around Brooklyn walking her three chihuahuas or eating a doughnut.


Freida orange: Executive producer

With years of publicity & production experience, Freida joined Rubenstein in 2013. Her clients at Rubenstein include Refinery29, Tribeca Film Festival, AMC Networks, SundanceNow Doc Club, Boyhood, Kill the Messenger & Sundance TV. Prior to joining Rubenstein, Freida worked at PMK*BNC, Martin Scorsese’s Sikelia Productions and Miramax/Dimension Films. She ran film campaigns for film festivals and theatrical releases at PMK*BNC including Beasts of the Southern Wild & Casting By; at Sikelia, she was on-set & executive assistant to Scorsese on The Departed, Rolling Stone Shine a Light and Shutter Island. Previously, at Miramax/Dimension she handled publicity for narratives and docs including Bad Santa, Kill Bill Vol. II, The Aviator & Fahrenheit 911.

Erin Sullivan: Editor

Erin Sullivan is an active member of the Motion Picture Editor's Guild.  She joined the Guild on Steven Soderbergh's editing team for film credits: "Magic Mike", "Side Effects", and "Behind the Candelabra", which won the Emmy for Outstanding editing. Her recent credits include editing visual effects on Dreamworks' "The Girl on the Train", HBO's "Boardwalk Empire", and assisting on Noah Baumbach's "Mistress America." In her free time, she creates digital dance pieces for her performance collective Feel Feel, most recently performed at Turtle Bay Music Conservatory. 


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